Startup Services

Transform entrepreneurial vision into conscious creations for a better world.

Growing a company is a complex, multi-faceted effort. Founders of early-stage technology companies need qualified specialists, advice, mentoring, infrastructure and ever important seed investment. At Soaflow we enable all this – and more – to support entrepreneurs reach their go-to-market goals.

We leave no stone left unturned.

Soaflow provides outstanding support to coach startups and early-stage growth companies by guiding them through the key stages to success, from ideation to company foundation and from investment to go-to-market.

Caring deeply about your project milestones, we anble you to overcome the challenges you might face along the helping you meet your milestones.

Located near Zürich, we can reach all important technology ecosystem participants easily in support of your goals.

1. Ideation

Here you lay the initial ground work for their idea and market fit

  • Problem Definition
  • Solution Proposal
  • Target Market Validation
  • Business Model
2. Company Setup

Covers the fundamentals of how to found a company.

  • Commerical Register Entry
  • Corporate Tax & VAT
  • Social Insurances
  • Intellectual Property
3. Investment

Strategic planning and investor relations management.

  • Finanical Planning
  • Capitalisation Table & Equity
  • Investor Deck Preparation
  • Art Of Closing The Deal
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